The road show at Eurocon Primary school Date: 01 November 2012

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Trauma Centre had a road show in Eurocon Primary School in Elsies River

The grade 7 learners at Eurocon Primary School in Elsies River are no strangers to conversational topics such as human rights. The class welcomed the presentation as it afforded them the opportunity to apply the knowledge they had gained in class, to real life situations. Our presenters were impressed with the questions learners asked: What is your national anthem in Uganda? Do Ugandans have human rights? When asked what they had learned from the presentation they were eager to comment that they had an appreciation for the resources such as the school they could attend. They enjoyed their right to education; these learners understand that it is a privilege to have rights and that this comes with responsibility as well. Other lessons learned is that life offers us opportunities to improve ourselves and to assist others who are less fortunate!

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